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Is YES always the answer?

You’re finally ready! Hyped up, psyched up and ready to take on the world! You have a fool proof business plan and excited to start building up a big long list of clientele. You know your abilities and you’re ready to show them off! But my question is this, ‘Do you accept work from every […]

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Get yourself out there. Get NOTICED.

When self employed, one of the most difficult challenges to overcome is to find work. Keeping the work consistent and maintaining a stable income is even harder. Before applying aimlessly, it is first important to know your market and what it is that you intend to offer the client (Read previous blog: ‘How to successfully […]

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How to successfully discover your niche as a freelance designer.

As an aspiring freelance designer, I am often trying to find new ways to reach out to potential clients and raise myself above the competition. If you’re anything like me, your skills probably range across a variety of design software. You may have a portfolio that includes examples of 2Dimensional Design, 3Dimensional Design, Graphic Design, […]

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Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the design blog! It’s the place I come to express anything and everything relating to both business and design. It’s all about opinions, advice and little snippets of wisdom that I think others may find useful. I’m sure at times you may disagree with what I have to say, but I’m hoping that, for the […]

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